Taming the keyboard in native app development with Xamarin Forms

Wow, it’s been over 2 years since I last blogged. I haven’t done much exciting techy things in my spare time for a while, I did build a deck, maybe I’ll blog how to build a deck, but I want to start blogging more about native app development using Xamarin Forms.

I am loving Xamarin Forms. I have been playing with this technology for a bit under a year now, on and off. I started as a noob, and have now become fairly proficient in it. So I’m hoping to share some unique tips and tricks I’ve found along the way.

My first blog post is about the soft keyboard, and how to tame it! A huge benefit of native mobile app development versus web mobile app development, is that you can get access to the soft keyboard. So you can resize your view when the keyboard pops up or down, including detecting the height of any accessory views, or auto correction attached to the keyboard, etc. This allows you to build your view with elegance, user experience, and design in mind.

For instance, Facebook Messenger’s interface, where you get some added action buttons that are always anchored above the keyboard, no matter if the keyboard is up or down, with accessory views on or not, or with auto correction displayed or not. You can build those added actions as a Grid of Buttons, but this blog post isn’t about that, it’s about resizing the View.

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