Introducing Aussie Weather

If anyone knows me, they know as a developer I like to have a project on the side I can work on in my spare time and while commuting to and from work. After spending the last year on some home IoT, I was looking for the next side project. 

The first app I built back in 2010 was a credit card terminal app called iCCPay. The landscape was different back then, and so were the banks, so it was hard to get that off the ground. However it lasted in the iOS App Store until it couldn’t launch on a newer iOS update. That’s when I pulled the pin, and being a .NET developer I didn’t really like working with Objective C. So my app adventures ended there.

That was until Xamarin Forms came out back in 2014. I joined the Xamarin Melbourne meetup and fell in love. Since then I dabbled with Xamarin Forms in my spare time, built an app at work started from a couple of hackathons, and built my home security app. It would be nice to have a personal app back on the App Store, so back in November 2018 I set out to create a weather app, called Aussie Weather!

I’m soft launching Aussie Weather on the iOS App Store first, and you can download it now!

It utilises BoM data through the WillyWeather API, which is not free, hence the app includes an in app subscription of $1.49 per month. However the app can be used for free with reduced functionality with access to capital cities only. I’m hoping this encourages you to subscribe to the full version if you like it. And there will never ever be ads or any creepy tracking like some other weather apps recently in the news. Of course this is a scary but exciting time for me, with my main concern being the WillyWeather API costs. I’m hoping I get enough subscribers to break even and keep the freemium model running instead of going all subscription based. I’m hoping I also figure out an appropriate lower priced yearly subscription once I get more usage stats.

Next up I’ll try integrate some beta feedback I received, get the Android version out (95% done), and see if I can get some widgets/extensions and an Apple Watch app going.

In time I’ll blog about how I built it, maybe open source some of it, like the haptic feedback, create a PR on Xamarin.Essentials for it, etc.

But for now, below is a quick video showcasing the apps features and how it looks and behaves. I hope you try it out, and if you like it, I hope you subscribe :) if you have any feedback, just use the in app menu to send me an email.