My new iPhone app - iPinPay - Accept credit cards on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Woohoo, so Apple recently approved my new app in my ‘iPay’ series called iPinPay. This app supports the newly launched ‘Pin Payments’, Australia’s first all-in-one online payment system!


Previously you had to go through a bank and ‘try’ to get a merchant account set up. This was a hard process full of hurdles and roadblocks. If you were lucky at setting up a merchant account with them, only then could you go to a payment gateway, then finally start using my previous app iCCPay. This could also be costly, paying both the bank and the payment gateway.

Well not anymore! No gateway or bank merchant accounts required! This is HUGE in Australia and companies could get started accepting credit card with a lower barrier to entry, for any project, idea or venture they are trying to get off the ground. Thanks to Pin Payment.

If you know anyone who would benefit from accepting credit card payments anywhere through their iPhone, let them know about iPinPay :)