Reliably and speedily send mass emails via Amazon SES in C#

​Amazon provides an awesome and awesomely cheap service to send emails out called Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES).  However it comes with sending volume limits; a sending quota and maximum send rate. This blog post is specifically about the maximum send rate and how you can send emails at, or close to, that maximum send rate.

So HOW exactly could you achieve sending bulk emails, easily, effectively and reliably, especially since it takes 5-7 seconds to send a single email to Amazon SES? Read on to find how I did it.

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Hi there, welcome to my new blog / portfolio / space on the internet! I'm hoping to blog quite regularly about technology. Specifically web development on the Microsoft stack, standards, HTML5, great design, great UX, the cloud, and more.

Also I might throw in some other technology posts, mainly about Apple. Even though I love developing on the Microsoft Stack, I'm also an avid Apple user. I balance technology, I use the best device/platform/solution I believe will get my job done, instead of been a fanboy concentrating on a specific device/platform/company. ;-)

I might throw in some sporting blogs too, I follow South Melbourne FC, Arsenal and Hawthorn FC.