ASP.NET Core 2.2/3.0 Serverless Web API’s in AWS Lambda with a Custom Runtime and Lambda Warmer

AWS Lambda is so versatile and cheap, it supports full blown ASP.NET Core Web API’s for cost effectively running an API entirely serverless. This is nothing new, announced back in January 2017, however what is new is the ability to break out of the supported .NET Core versions AWS Lambda supports

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IoT in .NET with a Raspberry Pi, Azure IoT Hub, and Xamarin

Back in November 2017 I blogged about a small home IoT project, wiring up garden lights and my garage to the internet through a Spark Core IoT device, accessed via a Xamarin app. That was so fun, I got more ideas and thought I’d do it again with a much more ambitious project. A fully automated and autonomous, IoT home security system.

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I’ll also be presenting this at the next Melbourne Xamarin Meetup, so if you’re in Melbourne come down on April 15, 2018.