IoT in .NET with a Raspberry Pi, Azure IoT Hub, and Xamarin

Back in November 2017 I blogged about a small home IoT project, wiring up garden lights and my garage to the internet through a Spark Core IoT device, accessed via a Xamarin app. That was so fun, I got more ideas and thought I’d do it again with a much more ambitious project. A fully automated and autonomous, IoT home security system.

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I’ll also be presenting this at the next Melbourne Xamarin Meetup, so if you’re in Melbourne come down on April 15, 2018.

IoT Internet Connected Home Project - Garden Lights and Garage Door with a Mobile App!

I’ve finally got in to some long awaited IoT with items I bought over 4 years ago that were lying dormant in storage containers. I backed Spark Core on Kickstarter on 31 May 2013, that’s how long I’ve been meaning to do something with it. Finally that time arrived.

Together with a Spark Core Relay Shield and a garage door magnetic reed switch which I bought around the same time, four years later I was ready to go.

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